Davidson Environmental has taken care of our Organic Waste needs here at Brock University since Nov. 30th 2008. The service needs have changed over time, with the expansion of the facilities, but has always kept pace. Customer Service is always friendly, responsive, and efficient. 

Meeting and exceeding our recycling and waste diversion goals, have been possible with services we rely on, such as yours.

Frank Thomas,Supervisor
Custodial Services, Brock University

Davidson Environmental have service the Niagara Health System for the past 10 years with reliable and trusted service. The best way to describe this service is the word partnership. James came and met with our team and worked out a business plan that met our hospital system needs. 

Nick Jancsar
Regional Director Hospitality and Linen
Niagara Health System/St.Catharines Hospital

Davidson Environmental provides professional services, they are a very reliable and dependable firm that provide prompt billings and payments. A pleasure to deal with!!!

Mario Stranges
Rich Products of Canada Ltd