Ontario’s Food & Organic Waste Framework: Organics Landfill Ban

Did you know that as of next year, the Ontario government is planning to start banning organics from the landfill? This means that as an end consumer, commercial or residential, the disposal and sorting your organics from your garbage will be mandatory as soon as early 2022. But what does this really mean for you and your business? That is what we aim to answer in this blog post.

As you may or may not already know from previous blog posts, the Ontario government is shifting to a circular economy in the way of garbage, recycling, and organic waste. This means that all materials entering the disposal system are never discarded, rather they are reused or recycled into new products. This is the motivation that is behind the organics landfill ban.

Although there are many conflicting views on the organics landfill ban, there is a general consensus that this is an important step in the waste management industry to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. This is a big step for the environment, but it will require lots of planning and a bit of a mindshift for residents and business owners.

If you are a commercial customer operating within the IC&I (Institutional, Commercial & Industrial) sector and do not yet have an organics disposal/diversion program, you will likely be mandated to set one up in 2022. To get ahead of the curve, our recommendation is to have an organics diversion program in place and working before you are regulated to do so. I know this can be confusing for employers and employees alike, but it does not have to be!

Honestly, setting up an organics program has never been easier. Here at Davidson Environmental, we can take care of the hard work that goes into creating a successful organics program. You can properly divert all of your food waste without any of the mess or hassle by using our services. We work with you to design a custom organic waste program that fits the needs of your business, to ensure you can effectively divert your food waste with minimal effort for you and your employees. To make the program even easier we provide a cart exchange service, which means that every time we service you (whether it be daily or weekly) we take your full cart and you can expect a clean, empty cart in its place. Our goal is to create minimal work for you and your employees, all while ensuring your business is compliant with Ontario government regulations that are being phased in early next year.

Overall, there has never been a better time to get onboard with organics recycling. With regulations on the way from the Ontario government and a general consensus that diverting organic waste from the landfill is better for the environment, the time is nigh. Establishing an organic waste program is an integral part to successful waste management at your business. So what are you waiting for? Call or click today to get your quote for our services. I am sure you will be surprised at how cost effective doing the right thing for the environment can be!

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