BREAKING NEWS: BioSqueeze 200 Separation Press System – The Next Big Thing at Davidson Environmental

After years of dreaming, discussing, and planning our next steps here at Davidson Environmental, we are happy to release some exciting news. We have officially purchased and installed the BioSqueeze 200 Separation Press System in our facility – the first of its kind in North America to process commercial waste. Working closely with Fitec Environmental Technologies, we were able to get this equipment built to order from Finsterwalder Umwelttechnik in Bernau am Chiemsee, Germany. At this point you’re probably thinking that this sounds interesting – but what does it do? Great question!

This hydraulically operated system separates waste into a digestible and non-digestible fraction with a high degree of efficiency and reliability. This means that if we put in any waste that contains fragments or parts of organic matter/waste, this machine will properly separate the organic matter from its solid waste counterpart. For example, if we put in expired granola bars, with their wrappers intact, this machine is able to separate the inorganic waste from the digestible organic waste. This then creates a nutrient dense slurry that is in a perfect composition for disposal at a BioGas facility as well as condensed ‘slugs’ of packaging that are the perfect candidate for waste-to-energy incineration.

Prior to getting this machine, our business was somewhat hindered by packaging on food waste. Under those previous parameters, we were happy to take all types of food waste but some food wastes naturally have more packaging then others – i.e. yogurt containers, granola bars, canned food etc. In these cases, we often try to de-package & limit the food packaging prior to its disposal at a BioGas facility. This can be very time consuming, costly, and inefficient. Additionally, the yield of this food waste is low quality, contaminated and not the best candidate for BioGas recycling.

However, the BioSqueeze 200 will be changing this completely for us and for you, our customers. This machinery will allow us to take a larger variety and volume of packaged organic food waste and yield high quality digestible waste. It will allow us to take all types of food waste and ensure that we are always getting the maximum amount of food waste from the products. This ensures a high level of recyclability of the food waste and ensures that waste that is destined for the landfill currently, can be diverted to a waste-to-energy incineration plant. Truly a zero-waste process. As you may or may not know, the Ontario government has committed to banning organic waste from landfills by 2022. With this machine we can provide our customers with a diversified program that aligns with government priorities and supports on-going environmental strategies.

This machine will change the way we conduct our business and ensure we are leading the way with the absolute best practices of our industry. This machine allows us to capture more food waste then any other waste service provider and ensure that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner, every time! We are now able to process food waste with an immense amount of packaging without hindering the quality of the digestible output and divert waste from the landfill to create a zero-waste system.

Whether you have been a Davidson Environmental customer for a week or 20 years, I personally want to thank you for your support and financial commitment in doing the right thing for the environment. Together, we shall usher in the next phase of responsible organics disposal.

James Davidson, CEO of Davidson Environmental

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