What Goes in the Organic’s Bin?

What can and cannot go into your organics bin can be confusing. It becomes even more complicated when different organics bin programs accept different material. Although all organics bin programs differ from municipality to municipality and business to business, there are some standard items that are accepted across the board. For the majority of organics programs […]
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Diverting Organic Waste: Why Keeping Food Waste out of the Landfill is Important

It is widely discussed amongst environmental scholars, waste management professionals, business owners and residents that diverting organic material from the landfill is the ‘right thing to do.’ But why is it the right thing to do? Organic waste is something that we inherently create as humans through our consumption patterns. Making sure it goes into the right […]
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Becoming a Zero Waste Business is Easier Than You Think

Did you know that approximately 50%of the average garbage bag is made up of organic waste that otherwise could have been composted? Of that average garbage bag, approximately 14% of the material is considered recyclable. This combined makes up a lot of waste that could otherwise be diverted from the landfill and repurposed for other […]
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