Beautiful environmental landscape

Why Should We Care About the Environment? Reasons for Environmental Awareness and Protection

In our blog posts here at Davidson Environmental, we focus a lot of our topics on different environmental issues and what we as society can do to lessen our environmental burden. As an inherently environmental company, we uphold the on-going idea that protecting the environment is something that everyone collectively wants to participate in. However, […]
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Fast Fashion photo

Fast Fashion

As a society, we all wear a variety of clothing day to day based on on-going fashion trends, our own personal style and let’s face it, a good clothing sale. Keeping up our wardrobe to the trends, especially for us ladies, is something that has been instilled in us from an early age and is […]
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Green roofs are environmentally sustainable

Benefits of Installing a Green Roof

Green Roofs have been an up & coming environmental initiative in the last 20 years. Green roofing specifically targets urban and overpopulated areas, although can be just as beneficial in suburban or country areas. Green roofs typically are roofs of flat top buildings that are covered in plants, greenery or vegetation, instead of concrete or […]
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Electric Car With Plug Icon Symbol, Ev Car, Green Hybrid Vehicles Charging Point Logotype, Eco Friendly Vehicle Concept, Vector Illustration

Eco-Vehicles: Why We Bought One For Our Sales Team & Why You Should Buy One Too!

  There are so many new cars reaching the consumer market every day, it is hard to keep up to new trends or new technology. There are also so many terms for eco-vehicles that make buying or even just researching a new vehicle challenging. We aim to help guide you through the confusing terminology around […]
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Air pollution from busy car traffic

Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of some of the most detrimental environmental crises facing humanity, which include climate change, acid rain and species extinction. In addition to environmental impacts, air pollution causes issues for human health as well, causing respiratory complications and even cancer. All these impacts to society are linked to […]
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Niagara Region & Residential Organics Program

Niagara Region & Residential Organics Program

Recently here in Niagara, residential garbage pick up frequency changed from weekly to bi-weekly. This means that residents no longer get the luxury of putting their garbage out weekly, but instead get to put out two bags of garbage every other week. However, residents as always, are allowed to put out as much recycling (paper, […]
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Davidson Environmental Biosqueeze Machine

BREAKING NEWS: BioSqueeze 200 Separation Press System – The Next Big Thing at Davidson Environmental

After years of dreaming, discussing, and planning our next steps here at Davidson Environmental, we are happy to release some exciting news. We have officially purchased and installed the BioSqueeze 200 Separation Press System in our facility – the first of its kind in North America to process commercial waste. Working closely with Fitec Environmental […]
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Pollinators: The Most Important Creatures You Didn’t Even Know About

When most people think of pollinators, they likely think of the honeybee – the most established pollinator of its category group. Surprisingly, they are just one of many common pollinators here in Ontario that go unrecognized for stabilizing our ecosystem and food security. Pollinators are everywhere, and include animals such as bats, small mammals, butterflies […]
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Environmental, Social & Governance: What is it? What Does it Mean For You?

The word “sustainability” is frequently used as a buzz word in the business and consumer community, continuously trending, in some capacity or another. As a consumer, I am constantly shopping (and investing) with a ‘vote with my spending’ mindset, attempting to purchase or invest with companies or businesses that have the same values, morals, and […]
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Garbage tuck

Ontario’s Food & Organic Waste Framework: Organics Landfill Ban

Did you know that as of next year, the Ontario government is planning to start banning organics from the landfill? This means that as an end consumer, commercial or residential, the disposal and sorting your organics from your garbage will be mandatory as soon as early 2022. But what does this really mean for you […]
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