Reasons to Use Our Service

The following is a list of reasons why composting works for companies that choose to use this system. Before you read this list, keep in mind that approximately 65% of garbage is compostable.

Cost Effective

  • Save money on purchasing bags.
  • Save money on garbage pickups, since they will need to come less often.


  • No bags spilling or breaking since there are no bags used in the system.
  • We come to pick up the full totes, and drop off empty, clean ones, this avoids you having to clean up dirty bins with residue waste. It also avoids potential attraction of vermin.
  • Frequent pickups will reduce odours.


  • The system is easy to use.
  • The material can go directly into a tote (even plastic packaged food) and be wheeled away into the desired area without heavy lifting, which in turn reduces WSIB issues.

Corporate Responsibility

  • enables you to achieve your green goals.