A company’s waste management program should be developed in accordance with the specific philosophy, values and beliefs of the institution. Therefore the waste management philosophy at each facility should be site-specific and based upon a number of factors including, facility location, regulatory requirements, available services and waste management alternatives.

Davidson Environmental is committed to working with each facility on a regular basis to supply what their individual needs are thereby creating a unique and viable waste management system that meets the needs of all involved.


The business philosophy at Davidson Environmental has played a major role in the character and quality of the company and the services that we provide. We pride ourselves on developing waste reduction and management strategies that are specific to each facilities needs and goals. In doing so, we have developed some key points that we strive to achieve and recognize with every facility we deal with.

  • Davidson Environmental believes that it has an obligation to develop strong, financially viable waste management programs for facilities and are constantly searching to improve our services and programs.
  • Davidson Environmental believes that waste management is much more than just managing waste. This meaning that all waste that can be recycled and reused should be recycled in some manner, where possible.
  • Davidson Environmental believes that waste management does not happen without a plan and that the plan needs to be a simple but effective blueprint customized to each facility.
  • Davidson Environmental believes that effective waste management is hard work, requiring time, effort and commitment from a team of workers within our company and the facilities we deal with no matter what size they are.
  • Davidson Environmental recognizes that waste problems are not going to disappear and that we have a responsibility to develop innovative waste solutions.
  • Davidson Environmental knows that waste management costs are significant to any facility but we are confident those costs can be managed by constant monitoring and effective changing of the facility plan in order to reflect a more effective system


Our unified mission is to create a work place environment where everyone counts and ideas are shared to create the best situation in which customers are happy and employees are valued and thrive. We are committed to partnering with businesses we service to help reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.


Our unified vision as a company is to partner with all our customers providing quality service with good value in which all employees work together as a team to provide the best we can for all our customers.